Executive Committee

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This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more about the Co-Curricular Record


Director of Finance: Heather Baroody

The Director of Finance oversees the Society’s financials, the creation of the budget, and the annual audit, as well as long-term and strategic financial planning for the Society’s finances and investments. The Director of Finance also chairs the Finance and Audit Committee.

Heather is working on her PhD in chemistry researching catalyst degradation in fuel cells by theoretical modeling of platinum oxide formation, growth, and reduction coupled to a kinetic model of platinum degradation mechanisms.  When Heather is not working on making things run efficiently, you can find her mountain biking or snowboarding.

Director of Graduate Services: Anointing Momoh

The Director of Graduate Services (DGS) oversees two major services used by nearly all graduate students: the Benefit Plan and the U-Pass. The DGS works with the Benefit Plan Committee to address the needs of graduate students and represents SFU graduate students at meetings with Translink, the Ministry of Transportation and other U-Pass partners.


Director of University Relations: Chantal Turpin

The Director of University Relations act as the central liaison to the SFU community, including University administration, the SFSS, dedicated fee groups and allied groups or committees. Spearheads advocacy campaigns that are primarily contained within the SFU community and support graduate student representatives on University committees.

Chantal is a third-year PhD student in Criminology, who’s current research focuses on online harassment, particularly in the context of online gaming. In her spare time she enjoys relaxing at home, reading a good book or just watching TV.


Director of Internal Relations: Mitchell Kovacic

The Director of Internal Relations oversees the internal governing structures of the Society, including its various committees, departmental Caucuses, and Council. The DIR ensures that the aforementioned structures continue to foster a strong graduate community and serve the administrative and strategic goals of the Society.

Mitchell is a third-year PhD student in Applied Mathematics analyzing models of individuals moving under social forces in the presence of boundaries. Originally from Ontario, he moved to Vancouver to start his PhD and has since enjoyed going on hikes as well as exploring the city’s restaurants. In his spare time he enjoys gaming in all forms and good conversation over a drink or two.

Director of External Relations: Melissa McGregor

The DER is the student leader primarily responsible for external advocacy campaigns that target all levels of government in order to improve the lives of graduate students. The DER will develop and foster relationships with politicians, other student societies, and government agencies.


Director of Student Life: Camila Miranda

The Director of Student Life is responsible for supporting and enhancing your experience and making best use of the non-academic resources available throughout the University. Some of the DSL duties include the public communications of the GSS, such as the website, social media and special communications. The Director of Student life oversees the  Society’s  member and community development efforts through outreach, workshops, events, orientations and other programming. The overall aim of this position is to make your life as a student at SFU the best it can possibly be!