On a monthly basis and starting this month, the Executive Committee, with staff assistance, will be releasing posters we’re calling Affordability Bulletins. Each one will highlight a specific student affordability issue by presenting a graph and related text in an easy to read, attention-grabbing format. We will be distributing these at Council meetings so that attendees can bring them back to their departments and place them somewhere visible, per their department regulations. We will also be promoting them on social media and by email. If you have any questions or comments about this initiative, please contact the GSS’s Director of External Relations at

Each poster will be derived from a presentation made in June 2019 by our Director of External Relations, Matt McDonald, to British Columbia’s Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. Click here to view Matt’s presentation or here for the full (and revised) written submission by the GSS.

September 2019′s poster may be found below (please click on it to see full size) and the PDF version of the poster may be found here

Affordability bulletin.

Click to view the poster.