I have questions about MSP/Care Card/Basic Insurance and Fair Pharmacare – where can I get more information?

The medical system in Canada is quite complex.  All BC residents should register for basic insurance (MSP) and get a Care Card.  This type of basic coverage is not the same as the GSS Health & Dental Plan which is an extended benefit plan.

How much is the Health & Dental Plan?

The breakdown of the Graduate Health Plan* and Graduate Dental Plan is available on the Studentcare website and is the same rate for both full- and part-time students (*This plan is often referred to as the Graduate “Medical” Plan). The cost of the Plan will be automatically included in your tuition and other fees.

This seems expensive, is it a good deal?

YES! The GSS Benefit Plan is very inexpensive given the coverage provided. Note that the cost that you are paying in September is for 12-months of coverage. The GSS plan is much less expensive than comparable coverage one could buy personally. While the costs may be significant up-front, this is health insurance, so it is intended to help cover unexpected costs that could otherwise be financially disastrous for a student.  Even the most healthy of students will see value in the plan given the generous dental coverage, vision coverage and included travel medical insurance!

I’d like to include my spouse or kids into the plan – how do I do this?

Students can opt-in family members/spouses for an additional cost (not tied to tuition or fees) during the change-of-coverage periods online at Studentcare.

I previously opted out of the plan, why am I getting charged for this again?

All students will be automatically enrolled in the plan every September. Even if they opted themselves out of the plan the previous year(s) they will be reassessed yearly and need to make the change yearly during the change-of-coverage period (e.g. provide proof of alternate coverage and request an opt-out with Studentcare during the change-of-coverage period which is usually during the month of September).
The reasoning behind this system is that circumstances in students’ lives change – while you may have not needed coverage in the past (due to having coverage through a spouse, parent, or work), you may not longer have this coverage. The yearly opt-out confirmation avoids having graduate students find themselves without affordable coverage. Confirming you still do not need coverage is a very quick, online process – our records show that students are able to complete this process within 2 minutes. If you need help, please contact Studentcare.

Who do I contact if I have questions about the Health & Dental Plan?

Students should check online at www.studentcare.ca first as there is a lot of information that is available there.
You can also call the plan broker, Studentcare at 1-866-369-8795, or email them at service@studentcare.net. We do not recommend contacting the insurance company (Sun Life/Desjardin) directly; please contact Studentcare instead. If you have any questions or concerns that are not addressed by Studentcare, please contact the GSS directly at 778-782-3899, email general questions to info@sfugradsociety.ca or more complex questions/concerns to grad-services@sfugradsociety.ca

I need more help & would like to speak to someone in person!

Students can go to the Health and Dental Plan office (MBC 2240) for full access to their account. Students can also come to the GSS office for general inquiries (MBC 2203).

I didn’t get good service! Who do I complain to?

We’re sorry when this happens – contact the Director of Graduate Services, or the Executive Director for assistance.