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GSS Holiday Hamper Program

Starting in 2014, the GSS began the Holiday Hamper program enabling low-income graduate student families to have a happy and stress free holiday season with the support of generous sponsors from SFU’s community.  Click here for more information.  Applicant deadline is: Friday, November 3, before 4pm.  

If you or your group is interested in sponsoring a family in need please contact

Playland Fright Night Tickets

Discounted Fright Night tickets are available using the GSS discount code. General admission and season pass discounts for general and junior admission. This code is posted in the GSS Lounge and available by email

Please note: The GSS info email is only checked during office hours.

Graduate Caucus Funding

Did you know that every graduate caucus gets money to spend on almost anything that benefits the grad students in your department? (See the Caucus Funding Spreadsheet for funds available to you for the rest of this fiscal year.)


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