Stipended Volunteer Opportunity – GSS Electoral Committee

Update: This position has been filled. 



Are you interested in elections? Do you want to learn more about the electoral process for student societies? Would you like to be more involved in your Graduate Student Society? The GSS Electoral Committee currently has 1 vacancy and is soliciting members.

Electoral Committee is responsible for running the elections and referenda of the GSS, the Electoral Committee is an intense but incredibly rewarding group that is integral to the governance of the GSS. Key times of year (when elections are normally scheduled) are between November-December, and March-April, however by-elections and off-cycle referenda sometimes occur.

This is a stipended position. Each Electoral Officer shall receive a $250 stipend for each electoral undertaking upon completion of duties. If multiple electoral undertakings occur concurrently, Electoral Officers shall each receive a $350 stipend upon completion of duties.

If you are interested in this position, please email your (<200 word) expression of interest by noon on September 5th to, with subject line: APPLICATION ELECTORAL OFFICER.

Your application will include a short statement of interest (maximum 200 words), which will be read at Council. Council will appoint the successful applicant at the September 12, 2015 meeting (which will take place in MBC 2290 from 4pm-6pm) and it is advised that candidates attend, although not mandatory.

More information about the role, function, and duties of Electoral Committee is available in By-Law X of the GSS Constitution and Bylaws:–grlLbM1F5c1V0alp5bGc/view