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Maggie Benston Centre, #2203, 8888 University Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

GSS Directors

Director of Access and Equity
Fereshteh Rashed

The Director of Access & Equity (DAE) is the student leader primarily responsible for advocacy on behalf of members of the Society experiencing systemic discrimination, barriers to accessing education and seeking equity. The DAE will be involved in the Advocacy Committee as well as the International Graduate Student subcommittee and will work on behalf of the Society to advocate for equity and access at the University, as well as accountability for and prevention of behaviour that is discriminatory or oppressive.

Director of Academic Relations
Christopher Lacroix

The Director of Academic Relations act as the central liaison to the SFU community, including University administration, the SFSS, dedicated fee groups and allied groups or committees. Spearheads advocacy campaigns that are primarily contained within the SFU community and support graduate student representatives on University committees

Director of External Relations
Mohamad Assari

The Director of External Relations is primarily responsible for external advocacy campaigns that target all levels of government in order to improve the lives of graduate students. The DER will develop and foster relationships with politicians, other student societies, and government agencies.

Director of Graduate Services
Ali Alimohammadi

The Director of Graduate Services oversees two major services used by nearly all graduate students: the Benefit Plan and the U-Pass. The DGS works with the Benefit Plan Committee to address the needs of graduate students and represents SFU graduate students at meetings with Translink, the Ministry of Transportation and other U-Pass partners.

Director of Internal Relations
Anis Zahedifard

The Director of Internal Relations oversees the internal governing structures of the Society, including its various committees, departmental Caucuses, and Council. The DIR ensures that the aforementioned structures continue to foster a strong graduate community and serve the administrative and strategic goals of the Society.

Director of Finance
Sampada Kapur

The Director of Finance oversees the Society’s financials, the creation of the budget, and the annual audit, as well as long-term and strategic financial planning for the Society’s finances and investments. The Director of Finance also chairs the Finance and Audit Committee.

Director of Student Life
Catherine Pearce

The Director of Student Life is responsible for supporting and enhancing your experience and making best use of the non-academic resources available throughout SFU. The Director of Student life oversees the Society’s member and community development efforts through outreach, workshops, events, orientations and other programming. The overall aim of this position is to make your life as a student at SFU the best it can possibly be!