Finance and Audit Committee


The Finance and Audit Committee of the Graduate Student Society furthers the goals of advancing and promoting graduate student activities of the Society by upholding equitable financial support to individual graduate students and graduate student groups at Simon Fraser University.

Core Competencies

Members of the Finance and Audit Committee can expect to acquire the following skills and competencies:

  • Develop a budget for a multi-million dollar non-profit organization
  • Draft policies, regulations and internal procedures regarding the management, handling and authorized use of GSS funds
  • Work with experts including GSS investment advisors, auditors, and bankers to put in action the products, procedures and day-to-day operations needed by the Society
  • Learn skills related to budgeting, reporting, developing policy, and incorporating financial transparency and accountability in a non-profit organization

Ongoing Projects

  • Exploring new sources of revenue for the Society
  • Monitoring progress of divestment from fossil fuel investments

Terms of Reference

Finance & Audit Committee TOR 


Committee Chair and Contact

Director of Finance –