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Open Nominations: Friday October 21, 9am
Nomination Information Sessions: Tuesday October 25, 230-4
Nomination Information Sessions: Wednesday November 2, 9-1030
Close Nominations: Monday November 7, 3pm
Mandatory Information Session: Tuesday November 8, 230-4pm
Backup Mandatory Information Session: Wednesday November 9, 9-1030am
Open Campaigning: Thursday November, 10 9am
Blurb and Picture Deadline: Thursday November 10 9am
Close Campaigning: Friday November 25, 5pm
Candidate Meet and Greet: Friday November 25, 3-5pm
Open Polling: Tuesday November 29, 8am
Close Polling: Thursday December 1, 1130pm
Announce Result To Candidates: Friday December 2, before 5pm
Announce Result Publicly: Friday December 2, 5pm Delayed: Monday, December 5, 6am



View the Terms of Reference for this position here. Candidates’ statements will be posted after the blurb deadline.

Chantal Turpin
chantal-hi-2I’m a third year PhD student in Criminology, with an educational background in anthropology and forensic science, who has been actively involved with the GSS as the council member for my department since September 2015. I have also been actively engaged with the GSS as a member of various working groups, including: the RA working group; the Ombudsperson office working group; and the Space Lease working group. As well, I have been very involved in the currently ongoing sexual violence and misconduct policy consultation process as a strong voice for graduate student concerns. If given the opportunity to serve as your Director of University Relations I am committed to advocating on behalf of graduate students, with SFU, on the issues that are most important to you. As a long-time SFU student I also have a strong sense of faculty and administrative perspectives that I believe will help me negotiate effectively for our association. If elected, I will endeavor to engage with my fellow graduate students about their concerns and work to serve as their representative on these important issues.


View the Terms of Reference for this position here. Candidates’ statements will be posted after the blurb deadline.

Heather Baroody

Hello, my name is Heather Baroody and I am thrilled to be running to serve as your new director of finance at the GSS.  Several facts about me that will comfort you to know I am a great candidate for the position are that I am reliable, responsible, and great at time management.  Honesty and integrity are incredibly important to me.  I am pursing my PhD in computational electrochemistry proving I am excellent with mathematics and computer skills, both of which are imperative to the position.  Naming just a few agenda items you can count on me for are:

  • Insuring financial transparency so you know where and how your money is being spent
  • Continuing to uphold the integrity of the GSS to have a balanced budget while maintaining our non-profit student-run organization
  • Making sure your voice is heard on the issues that matter most

Please vote for me as your new director of finance at the GSS and feel free to come to me with any questions or concerns. Happy voting!

Francisco Caniego

I have a professional experience of more than 18 years. I have worked mainly building complex information systems for big corporations.

Along my career I have performed many different positions, from technical to high executive roles.

I have been the CIO for the largest TV Network in Spain. Among other duties, I had to elaborate the budget for the division and get it accepted by the CFO, manage the different projects and make sure that the actual costs were in line with the budgeted ones. Likewise, I had to negotiate with the different software and hardware providers the prices for hardware, licenses and software development staff. I reported to the General Manager of the company. Thus, I have gained a great knowledge in budget elaboration and negotiation, costs control, budgets vs costs reporting and so on.

I believe, this experience combined with my interpersonal skills make me an ideal candidate for the Director of Finance position at GSS.

Diana Leung
screen-shot-2016-11-15-at-2-07-42-pmI am a first year student in Graduate Liberal Studies Program, MA, at Harbour Centre.

A trained accountant, I am a designated CPA, CGA. I hold an MBA degree. I also hold a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Systems specialized in network security and administration. I have many years of experience working in business administration managing finance, information technology and other related disciplines. In my spare time, I enjoy the occasional cooking, movies and music of all kinds. I am also a keen supporter of environmental protection.

I hope to contribute my skills, knowledge and experience to the position of Director of Finance, and to the success of GSS and my fellow graduate students.

Panjak Tiwari

pankaj-tiwariMy name is Pankaj Tiwari and I’m a 26 years old Masters of Business Administration (MOT) graduate student at SFU. I’ve been in lower mainland for almost two years working on my Master’s at Beedie School of Business.

I’m an international student coming from India, where I did my Bachelor’s degree (B.E.) in Computer Science and Engineering and worked for a multinational company for more than five years. My work allowed me to travel to meet perspective clients and businesses in cities like Beijing (China), Doha (Qatar) and California (USA), so got to enjoy various cultures.

During my time in SFU I got to know many graduate students from different faculties and I believe that we students need to be more aware of what’s happening behind the scenes in the GSS and to get involved in its activities and expenses.

In the past year I’ve been working at the university, and met a lot of graduate students who (just like me) needed any financial help they could get, and I want to make sure our fees for the GSS are well spent.
As the director of finance I plan on making sure the resources of the GSS are available and known to all graduate students at SFU. I hope to find more useful and fun ways for the budget of the GSS to serve us, the graduate students better.

Thank you for your time.


View the Terms of Reference for this position here. Candidates’ statements will be posted after the blurb deadline.

Dewi Tjin
tjinMy name is Dewi Tjin and I am running for Director of Graduate Services.

A couple of years ago, I decided to register for a Web Development course because I wanted to learn how to build my own website. That class literally changed my life. First, I discovered my passion to program software. Second, I met people who inspired me to make bolder decisions in my life, which eventually changed my career dramatically. Working and being a part time student is not easy but it has helped me to change my life beyond my greatest expectations.

Being a student in the Management of Technology MBA program at SFU, I have developed the skills needed to be a strong Director of Graduate Services. I can speak from my own experiences and voice other students’ concerns during meetings without hesitation. If elected, my main priorities will be to work diligently with the Committee to ensure the strategic direction of the Graduate Services benefit students, research and propose opportunities to improve our existing services, and liaison with as many students as possible to ensure your concerns are heard during meetings. I am a skilled communicator and if elected, I will work to ensure successful graduate experiences by working within the Committee to broaden student services.

Michelle Aslan
michelle_aslanI am the current Director of Graduate Student Services. As such, I was able to obtain external funding for the Graduate Student Initiative Grant. During my term I implemented the GSS Mini School, which offers free workshops to enhance Graduate Student wellbeing.

During my second term my focus will be on inclusion and enhancing the lives of graduate students at all three SFU campuses. I will ensure that the needs of all graduate students are represented at meetings with the Benefits committee, Translink, the Ministry of Transportation and U-Pass partners.

I have over 10 years of experience as a skilled project coordinator and facilitator, delivering programs and coordinating events in provincial, federal, and corporate institutions. At present I am doing my Masters in Education and Curriculum Planning. I manage fourteen project management groups in my role as a Teaching Assistant for the BUS 361 Project Management Course at the Beedie School of Business.



Referendum Question
The Fall 2016 referendum has one question from Embark Sustainability Society (formerly Sustainable SFU). Embark is one of the dedicated fee groups on campus. They are a  student-led non-profit located on the Burnaby Campus and all SFU students are members. As per a success referendum 2012, the GSS collects a fee on behalf of Embark; consequently, any proposed changes to fees must go through the GSS referendum process.

The referendum question is:

Embark Sustainability Society (ESS), formerly “Sustainable SFU”, is a student-led non-profit that represents and advances the sustainability interests of Simon Fraser University students. ESS currently collects a levy of $2 per semester from full-time SFU graduate students and $1 per semester from part-time SFU graduate students, which was voted upon in a referendum held in 2012. However, this referendum did not account for rising costs over time related to inflation and program development, resulting in an on-going lack of sufficient revenue despite our demonstrable value to the student body and our growing list of achievements. With a one-time levy increase, Embark would be able to maintain and expand our programming to continue to bolster student-led sustainability initiatives through grants, events, and campaigns.

Are you in favour of a one-time increase to the current semester-based levy, collected on behalf of Embark Sustainability Society, to $3.50 per full-time student and $1.75 per part-time student, for the purpose of supporting the society’s sustainability programming, campaigns, student grants, and capacity to represent student interests?

Response Options


Official Sides
If you have strong opinions about the referendum, you may wish to form an Official Side and campaign during the referendum. GSS groups (such as Executive Committee or caucuses) or groups of 5+ members in good standing can apply to become an Official Side and campaign with support from the GSS. Details are explained in the Electoral Undertaking Regulation posted below.

To apply to become an official side, submit this Nomination Form by November 7, 2016, at 3pm. Nominations open on October 21 at 9am.

Electoral Undertakings Policies and Procedures

Elections and referenda, collectively known as electoral undertakings, are governed by the documents below.

Constitution and By-Laws
R1010 Electoral Undertaking Regulation

Electoral Committee

Electoral Committee is the GSS committee designated by the By-Laws and Council to run elections and referenda and to address any concerns or complaints raised by graduate students about these proceedings.

Questions? Concerns? Contact the Chief Electoral Officer at CEO@sfugradsociety.ca.