Fee Schedule

The Graduate Student Society at Simon Fraser University (GSS) collects the GSS Membership Fees and Dedicated Fees (collectively, Graduate Student Activity Fee) and the Graduate Health and Dental Plan Fees. The Dedicated Fee amounts collected by the GSS for 2020-2021 are as follows:

Dedicated Fees

Full-Time Part-Time
GSS Membership Fee $55.48 $27.75
Dedicated Fees
The Peak $4.90 $2.45
SFPIRG $5.50 $2.75
CJSF Campus Radio $3.00 $1.50
WUSC Student Refugee Program $2.00 $1.00
First Nations Student Association $0.75 $0.38
Embark $3.50 $1.75

Graduate Health & Dental Plan Fees

Fall start Spring start Summer start*
Health $195.90 $130.60 $65.30
Dental $269.10 $179.40 $89.70
Total $465.00 $310.00 $155.00
*Summer-start students should not be automatically enrolled by SFU; rather, they will have the option to self-enroll directly with Studentcare.net/works for the 4-month coverage period starting May 1.

These amounts are within the limits set by Referendum in March 2012. There is no reduction in fees for part-time students for the Graduate Benefit Plan.