Internal Governing Documents

These are all of the current GSS governing documents. If you would like to see old versions or retired governing documents, please email the Advocate and Policy Advisory at All our documents are publicly available. P: Policy R: Regulation TR: Terms of Reference PR: Procedure

Constitution and Bylaws

GSS Constitution and Bylaws


R1000 Internal Governing Documents
PR1001 Creating, Amending, and Retiring Governing Documents
R1200 Council
PR1201 Council Speaker Appointment
R1010 Electoral Undertakings
TR1100 Director of Finance
TR1110 Director of Graduate Services
TR1120 Director of Academic Relations
TR1130 Director of Internal Relations
TR1140 Director of External Relations
TR1150 Director of Student Life
Conflict of Interest Policy
Guests at General Meetings
Clarification of Members Standing Policy
Transition Report Regulation
Adjustment of Hours Regulation
Council Order of Business Regulation
External Group Representation on Council Regulation


P2100 Investment Policy Statement
R2200 Funds
R2300 Stipends
P2400 Ethical Procurement, Donations, and Sponsorship Policy
Annual Indexing of Fees Regulation
Donations Policy
Financial Policy
PDG Regulation (in Council Agenda)


GSS Code of Conduct
Communication Policy
Privacy Policy
Benefit Plan Information Privacy Policy
Employee Information Privacy Policy
Sustainability Policy
R3300 Special Membership Fee Regulation
P3400 Non-Partisan Policy


TR4100 Benefit Plan Committee
R4110 Request for Change to Benefit Plan Status
Finance and Audit Committee Terms of Reference
Governance Committee Terms of Reference
Grants Allocation Terms of Reference
Benefit Plan Bursary Committee Terms of Reference
Appeals Board Terms of Reference
Appeals Board Procedure
Finance and Audit Committee
Vancouver Graduate Student Committee
Executive Committee Transition Report Regulation


R5000 Caucus Funding
R5010 Caucus Trust Accounts


Executive Director JD
Executive Director Contract