Individual Advocacy

The Graduate Student Society Advocate and Policy Advisor is a resource for any graduate student, student group, or Caucus that is experiencing difficulties with the University. Issues you can come to the Advocate and Policy Advisor include, but are not limited to:

  • Supervision problems
  • Grade Appeals
  • Requirement to Withdraw (RTW) Appeals
  • Accusations of Cheating or Plagiarism
  • Tuition Appeals
  • Retroactive Withdrawals under Extenuating Circumstances
  • Leaves
  • Complaints about a University staff or department
  • Accusations of violations of the Student Code of Conduct
  • Concerns about personal safety, harassment, or discrimination
  • Research Assistantship issues
  • Unsatisfactory Progress Reports
  • Any University policy or procedure

Available by request. *Please email in advance.
An appointment is only confirmed if you have received a response from the Advocate

For issues about TAships or sessional appointments, please contact the Teaching and Support Staff Union (TSSU) for assistance at

The Advocate is a permanent GSS staff member and an associate member of the Association of Canadian College and University Ombudspersons.

Harjap Grewal

Drop-in: 2201 Maggie Benston Centre, Burnaby Campus
Confidential Phone: (778) 782-9412
Confidential Email: