Living Wage

The GSS has been working with the TSSU, CUPE, SFPIRG, and the Living Wage for Families campaign on introducing a living wage at SFU. The GSS is primarily concerned with the wages of Research Assistants; however, a living wage would affect SFU’s childcare workers, food and beverage workers, cleaning staff, and many others. The group has been meeting roughly every month since 2012 and has conducted a survey of the wages of various groups on campus. For more information about the SFU Living Wage Campaign, please visit the main page here.’

We are calling on individuals, Caucuses, and departments to endorse the SFU Living Wage Campaign. Please visit the SFU Living Wage Campaign website to submit your endorsement. Please email the Advocate and Policy Advisor at if you would like to volunteer for this campaign.

The Living Wage for Families website features lots of information about the living wage, efforts in other organizations, and an FAQ. Visit the website here.

To view the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives report and other resources on a living wage, click here.