Sexual Violence Policy

Sexual Violence Policy – Draft

In May 2016, the BC provincial government mandated that all post-secondary institutions have in place a stand-alone policy addressing sexual violence and misconduct within the next calendar year. Throughout the summer and fall of 2016 SFU conducted open consultations with the SFU community about what they wanted to see as part of the policy. The GSS was extensively involved in that consultation process. We had dedicated meetings with the working and advisory groups tasked with creating the policy, and had representatives from the graduate student community who attended the open feedback sessions. On Jan 4th, 2017 SFU released a draft of the policy to the community and solicited feedback, both in writing at a town hall event held on Jan 17th. As part of that feedback process the GSS submitted an extensive document outlining our concerns with the policy draft itself as well as recommendations for the implementation process that would follow. A copy of this policy feedback can be viewed here.

Additional feedback on the Sexual Violence Policy Draft was also submitted by the GSS Advocate and Policy Advisor, which can be viewed here.


Any questions about the feedback on the sexual violence policy draft can be directed to