Tuition & 2018 Budget Consulations

SFU has initiated their budget consultation process for 2019-20. More information from SFU and slides of the October 24th presentation to students can be seen here:

>> 2019-20 Budget Consultations

[ If you have trouble tracking down the document we can provide you with a PDF of the presentation ]

We want to hear from you!

The 2019-20 budget proposes a 2% tuition increase for graduate students. Under the proposal the majority of international graduate students will also be subject to the same 2% increase. Tuition for international students in programs with the “international differential” is purposed to increase by 4%.

Some important questions have been raised during the consultations about the need for the 2% increase. We would also like to hear from international students that are in the “international differential” designated programs about the impact of the 4% increase in your programs.

Consultation is expected to continue until February 2019. While the university has asked for your feedback we would also like to hear directly from you. A formal process by the GSS is under consideration but if you have immediate feedback please email

Our letter in support of the Tuition Freeze Now campaign can be found here.

Get involved!

A new working group to support graduate students and GSS directors to support advocacy is being launched to specifically deal with affordability issues. In addition to tuition the working group would address the cumulative effects of housing, transportation and graduate student funding. Interested? Email to join the working group.