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GSS Newsletter – April 2018


Hello grads,

Welcome to the April GSS Newsletter!

We would love to see your faces in our GSS office and lounge (MBC 2205), so please don’t hesitate to drop by our office to share your ideas, questions, and concerns, or just to have a cup of coffee with us.

The GSS offices and lounge are open Monday – Friday, 9 am – 4 pm.

Announcements from the GSS

GSS Elections – Spring 2018

The results of the GSS Spring 2018 Director Election are now known!

The winning candidates are:

  • Director of External Relations – Zhijie (Paul) Hu, Finance
  • Director of Internal Relations – Nancy Kwong, CDM
  • Director of Student Life – Dylan Flint, Philosophy

Please find out more about the elections by visiting our main elections page here.

Academic Supervision

The Graduate Student Society and Office of the Dean of Graduate Studies are co-chairing a committee with the aim of reimagining graduate student supervision at SFU over the next few years.

In an attempt to identify best practices currently being used at SFU with respect to graduate supervision, we would like to hear from any and all students about their graduate supervisory relationships. Since we wish to find out about a full range of relationships and issues, contact us whether your experience has been positive or negative (or anything in between).

Please email Chantal Turpin, Director of University Relations at with your experiences, especially if you wish to get more deeply involved in this committee!

GSS Volunteer Opportunities

The GSS is actively seeking volunteers among our members to serve on our Benefit Plan and Governance Committees.  If you have any further questions or are interested in this opportunity, please contact the Executive Director, Pierre Cenerelli at

We wish to increase your input into SFU’s 2018-2023 Academic Plan. To facilitate this, we have created an Academic Plan Working Group to review the guiding documents from the VP Academics Office, consult membership about SFU’s academic plan, and submit a written, formal response to the Provost. If interested, please contact Chantal Turpin (Director of University Relations) as soon as possible at ur@sfugradsociety.

Graduate Caucus Funding

Did you know that every graduate caucus gets money to spend on almost anything that benefits the grad students in your department? (See the Caucus Funding Spreadsheet for funds available to you for the rest of this fiscal year.)

Playland Tickets

Discounted Playland tickets are available using the GSS discount code. General admission and season pass
discounts for general and junior admission. This code is posted in the GSS Lounge and available by email:

Please note: The GSS info email is only checked during office hours.



GSS Events



Announcements and Events from SFU



 Non-Academic Job Search for Grad Students and Postdocs with Anne Krook

How do we turn your significant skills into a career outside academia?

In this three-hour session, you will learn how non-academic employers think about graduate students as potential employees, how to get ready for the non-academic job market while you are still in graduate school, and how to conduct a job search. We will also review a tool (provided after the session) that assesses all your skills – not just academic ones – and review a resume and discuss how to write yours.

Event Details:

  • Date: May 23, 2018
  • Time: 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
  • Location: Big Data Hub Presentation Studio, ASB 10900 (Burnaby Campus)
  • RSVP: Register for the in-peron or livestreamed session via Eventbrite. Seating is limited.

In this inspiring and eye-opening seminar Dr. Krook will review her own path through and out of academica. Graduate students and postdocs can expect to:

  • learn how to prepare yourself for the non-academic job market while you complete your graduate work
  • understand the process and mechanics of entering the non-academic job market (e.g. what HR managers are looking for; decoding job descriptions)
  • identify and define your particular skill sets

Note: this event will also be live-streamed if you are unable to attend in person, however, you will get a more rich experience by attending in person. 

To find out more about this event and to read a presenter bio on Anne Krook, please visit the main event page.

Sexual Violence Support













Announcements and Events from the Community



Geneva Challenge 

The 2018 edition of the Geneva Challenge is a project funded by Swiss Ambassador Jenö Staehelin and is supported by Kofi Annan, the high-patron of the contest. The Geneva Challenge aims to encourage interdisciplinary problem solving analysis among master students on advancing human development within the scope of a relevant topic.

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time and has become a critical concern for both developing and developed countries. As the key to this issue is an interdisciplinary solution, crossing traditional boundaries between academic disciplines, we are inviting graduate students from all academic programmes to provide helpful strategic recommendations. This year, we will distribute five prizes, one per continent.

Teams of 3-5 master students must submit an 8,000 word proposal which:

  • identify a challenge stemming from climate change;
  • construct an interdisciplinary analysis on how it affects different aspects of development in a specific (but transposable) context;
  • propose innovation at the policy, practice, process or technology levels turning the challenge into development opportunity.

The Geneva Challenge 2018 will distribute 25’000 CHF in monetary prizes and the finalists will be invited to publicly present their work in Geneva before a panel of high-level experts. Networking opportunities are also envisioned as part of the prize package.

Registrations close on 16th April 2018.

Submission due by 20th August 2018

More information is available on: our website or  Facebook.