Request for Special Consideration

Please note: Official opt out and enrolment regulations and dates associated with the graduate student health and dental plan may only be found on the GSS Benefit Plan website. To find out more about your coverage, including how and when to opt out or enrol, follow the links below the “Coverage” section on the right of this landing page. Opt outs are granted only to those graduate students who can prove that they have equivalent coverage through another plan. The deadline to receive any change of coverage requests (including opt outs) is usually within the first half of the first month you are enrolled, but check the Change-of-Coverage Period section of for the exact dates.

Although the dates indicated in the above website are firm, if you were unable to opt out or enrol during the normal change of coverage period due to extraordinary circumstances, you may submit a Request for Special Consideration to the GSS Benefit Plan Committee using the following Request for Special Consideration Form. Note that simply forgetting the benefit plan deadlines or failing to monitor your student account of tuition and fees and/or your student email account do not qualify as extraordinary circumstances. The GSS and the Benefit Plan Committee reserve the right to deny any request.

There are also deadlines for submitting a Request for Special Consideration, as follows:

  • Requests related to Fall semester enrolment must be submitted by November 30.
  • Requests related to Spring semester enrolment must be submitted by March 31.
  • Requests related to Summer semester enrolment must be submitted by July 31.

The Benefit Plan Committee meets once per month; thus, requests may not be reviewed for several weeks following submission depending on the scheduled meeting dates. Please see the Benefit Plan Committee page for more information about the committee’s structure and its mandate from GSS Council.