GSS’s Timeout Photo Contest – Send in your photos by March 12!

Did you take any interesting photos around one of SFU’s campuses? Submit them to our contest to win prizes! _ The contest includes four categories: SFU Architecture Student Lives during Covid-19 Nature Love Find out more about the contest and its prizes here.   All entries must be received before 4:00 pm on March 12, 2021. By submitting an entry, contestants agree to the terms and conditions of the contest.

GSS Newsletter – November 27, 2020

Happy Friday everybody! It’s been a wild week at the GSS with loads going on – here are a few highlights: First of all it’s time to introduce GSS TimeOuts – feeling stressed, haven’t seen family or just need a break? Come and hang out in our new event series (check below for details on first events)! Secondly, Please consider taking our mental health survey for COVID19, which is open a few more days. And lastly, check the the newest COVID19 rating (High…