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Caucus Governance

Getting Started

The basic governance structure for a Caucus should include a set of governing documents (such as a Constitution or Bylaws), elected officers (e.g. President or Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Coordinator, GSS Council Representative, TSSU representatives), and a structure for holding meetings to vote on issues.

For most Caucuses, we will already have your governing documents on file, and perhaps some old meeting minutes.  If you need copies of these, please contact us.

We know it is sometimes hard for new Caucus officers to learn what they have to do; so we host semesterly orientations open to all new (and returning) officers.  At these sessions, we walk you through best practices, suggest ways to get your students involved and tell you about the funding opportunities available from the GSS.

Please review the Caucus Handbook for more information.

Working with the GSS

The GSS Director of Internal Relations is your primary contact for any governance-related questions. Not only is this person a great resource and available to give suggestions on how you can hold successful meetings, they can even attend a Caucus meeting to help or share information about the GSS if you would find this helpful.

Elections to GSS Council

The GSS Council holds a central role in the running of the society, so it is very important that every graduate Caucus on campus be represented. Each Caucus internally elects a student representative who then sits on Council and votes on GSS motions. Councillors are paid and welcome to submit their own motions. Please see the GSS Bylaws (below) to learn more about the relationship between the GSS and Departmental Caucuses.

GSS Bylaws require that Council representatives be elected with a minimum of a one-week posting period, followed by a one-week nomination period. Elections must be held by secret balloting process (paper or online elections are both acceptable). Please see our sample elections procedures for more information.

Caucuses will need to inform the GSS of any elected representatives so they can be properly informed about their new responsibilities. Outgoing reps should help transition the new Council representative if possible.  New representatives should contact the GSS by email, and fill out the Councillor Stipend Form.