Director of Graduate Services: Graduate Council appointment

Graduate Council is looking to appoint a Director of Graduate Services (DGS) for a limited term in the Spring 2020 semester, from January 1 to April 30, 2020. The successful candidate will receive a stipend of $1150 per month. Council will be making this appointment at its December 2019 meeting.

The DGS is responsible for overseeing several of the GSS’s major programs and grants, including the Health and Dental Benefit Plan, U-Pass BC program, Professional Development Grants, and various other financial supports offered to our members. Aside from ensuring the duties described in their terms of reference (available here), the chosen candidate is expected to attend Executive Committee meetings every other Thursday of the month and Graduate Council every second Tuesday of the month, as well as chair all relevant committees.

Given that the chosen director will have a limited amount of time to become familiar with their portfolio, candidates should be able to demonstrate that they are knowledgeable about the GSS in general, with a particular focus on Graduate Council and its committees. Broad familiarity with the programs overseen by the Director of Graduate Services would be an asset.

To be considered for this position, please email the GSS Director of Internal Relations, Luciana Fortes, no later than Monday, December 2 at 4pm with a one page statement of interest. Using the ToR referenced above, as well as any other publicly available documents, please explain why you feel you are qualified for this position, what your top three priorities would be in the Spring 2020 semester, and your availability to attend meetings at the SFU Burnaby campus. Candidates should also explicitly state that they expect to be enrolled as a graduate student at SFU for the Spring 2020 semester. Candidates may also wish to send a short 3-4 minutes video presenting their candidacy or may do so in person at our next Council meeting, on Tuesday, December 10 at 4pm in LIB 7200 (SFU Burnaby).

Questions? Please email the Executive Director at or the Director of Internal Relations at