GSS MegaSurvey 2016

Periodically, the GSS surveys our members in order to gather information to inform our government lobbying and University-level advocacy and provide direction to our Society. As a student-led society, it is critical that we have up-to-date, comprehensive information about the demographics and opinions of our members; in a sense, the MegaSurvey is somewhat like a SFU graduate student census. Our previous MegaSurvey was in 2011 and we completed our most recent one in the fall of 2016.

The “mega” in our MegaSurvey comes from two places: the high number of respondents, and the comprehensiveness of the questions. The 2016 survey had almost 70 questions about finances, housing, supervision, Research Assistantships, satisfaction with SFU, and opinions about direction for the GSS. We were aiming to get at least 750 respondents, but in the end received over 1,000 responses (nearly a quarter of our membership).

Our preliminary Mega-Survey 2016 report presentation was made at the January 2017 AGM.

You may also be interested in consulting our Mega-Survey 2016 dashboard.