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Get Involved

Want to get involved with the GSS?

The GSS credits its success to the energy, ideas, and talents contributed by its members. As a graduate student, you are automatically a member of the GSS, and there are many different ways for you to get involved in the Graduate Student Society and help guide the efforts of your Society. You also can use your GSS experience to demonstrate valuable skills on your resume or CV, helping you in your future academic or professional career.

Join a Committee or SUBCOMMITTEE

Are you interested in different aspects of graduate student life? Do you like budgets? Policy? Advocacy? There are many committees and subcommittees that you can join based on your interests. Committees tend to meet every month or two, for less than two hours per meeting.


GSS Committees, created by and reporting to the Graduate Council, are groups of graduate students focusing on areas of specific importance for the Society’s services and direction.

other ways to get involved

Are you interested in different aspects of graduate student life? There are many other ways you can get yourself involved with GSS other than Committees and Subcommittees. 

Run for a Director Position

The GSS holds two elections each year (typically October/November and February/March). Three (3) Directors are elected per election cycle. Each Director has their individual portfolio for which they are responsible (see Here for the various positions). Directors are also expected to attend Council once a month and Executive Committee weekly. You should expect a time commitment of around 50 hours per month. This is a stipended position. For the current amount Directors are stipended, see Here

Run to be Your Caucus’ Council Representative

Each Caucus has one Council representative and two alternates. Councillors attend Council meetings once a month (usually the second or third Tuesday or the month from 4:00pm-6:00pm). They are expected to review the Council package before the meeting and to solicit feedback from their caucus on how to vote. Councillors are currently stipended $50.35 for each meeting they attend. Council is the highest elected governing body of the Society and its role is extremely important within the Society. For more information on being a Councillor and Council meetings, visit here

Serve as an Executive Member for Your Caucus

The basic governance structure for a Caucus should include a set of governing documents (such as a Constitution or Bylaws), elected officers (e.g. President or Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Social Coordinator, GSS Council Representative, TSSU representatives), and a structure for holding meetings to vote on issues. Ask your Caucus members when elections are typically held.