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Candidate Profile

Candidate Profiles

Below are the bios of all of the candidates standing for the GSS Executive elections. 

DIRECTOR OF Graduate Services


Marie Pitre

The role of Director of Graduate Services requires organization, communication, and advocacy. As a math instructor at the secondary and post-secondary levels, I have developed a keen attention to detail as well as the ability to support and converse with stakeholders.

As an executive member of the Education Graduate Student Association, Kappa Mu Epsilon – Math Honorary, and the Association of Applied Statistics, I have experience in leadership roles that work for the benefit of its members. Specifically, as the President of Kappa Mu Epsilon – Math Honorary, I planned and executed a graduate school panel so that students could gain necessary information about applying for graduate schools. In the same role, I provided members with support and services while on a restricted budget. As the Scheduler of the Association of Applied Statistics, I gained experience getting and using feedback to better provide for members. As the current Faculty Council Representative for the Education Graduate Student Association, I have represented education graduate students and provided detailed and accurate reports of council meetings to members.

As a research assistant in the SFU: What’s Next project, I have seen how vital the benefits and services that GSS provides are to graduate students. With these experiences as my foundation, I want to develop new services and programs for GSS members. To do this, I would like to implement a system to hear from members and the board about the things they need. I’m confident my experiences and skills would make me a strong director.



Sravya Pilla

Hello, my name is Sravya Pilla, and I am here to seek your vote you to elect me as your Director of Graduate Services. During my schooling and undergraduate years, I’ve held positions in the student government and maintained relationships with administrators and organizations to enhance extra curriculum student learning. My participation in extracurricular activities allowed me to balance my position as a student and the assigned tasks.

As a professional experience, I worked for almost 7 years in the IT industry with the leading organizations like IBM and Microsoft. Throughout this journey, I participated in various leading workshops like Practising Allyship and teamwork which helped me to practise organizing events for the company. As an international student, I can resonate with the issues of a foreign student better and will make sure the student’s issues are highlighted regarding their bumps in their journey as an immigrant.

If given a chance, I can prove my abilities to enhance the stewardship of GSS programs that support graduate students, the health benefits plan and the U-Pass while also advocating for improvements in services provided by SFU.

I can assure to be the best communication source between students and the graduate services addressing their major concerns and improving the existing process.

Sravya Pilla, Beedie School of Business, Simon Fraser University. 


Ali Alimohammadi

I am honored to present my candidacy for the SFU Graduate Student Society (GSS) elections. As a current graduate student at SFU, I understand the various challenges that we face, and I am committed to advocating for our needs and interests.

Throughout my graduate studies, I have been involved in various aspects of graduate student life, including academic, social, and professional development. I have served as a Teaching Assistant, a Research Assistant, and a member of various student organizations. These experiences have given me a deep understanding of the issues and concerns that graduate students face on a daily basis.

In addition to my involvement in student life, I have also served as a Contract Committee Member for the Teaching Support Staff Union (TSSU). In this role, I have gained valuable experience in negotiating with SFU officials on behalf of TSSU members. I have learned how to effectively communicate with SFU officials, present our case, and advocate for our rights and interests.

If elected as a GSS representative, I will use my experience to ensure that the voice of graduate students is heard and that our concerns are addressed. I will work to ensure that graduate students have access to the resources they need to succeed, including academic support, funding opportunities, and mental health resources. I will also work to foster a sense of community among graduate students and to create opportunities for professional development and networking.

Thank you for considering my candidacy. I would be honored to serve as your representative on the SFU GSS and to work together to make SFU a better place for graduate students.


DIRECTOR OF External Relations


Bhavneet Kaur Sahni

Hi everyone, my name is Bhavneet, and I am running for the position of the Director of External Relations (DER).

I am a full-time MBA candidate at Beedie School of Business at Simon Fraser University and moved to Canada last Fall. I pursued my career as a tax associate at PwC and in 2017 moved to Dubai and began a profession in the hospitality industry. While working as a Cluster MarComm and PR specialist for the Rotana brand, I built a reputation for establishing and maintaining strong connections with stakeholders, customers, and partners. In my commitment to self- actualization and fueled by the anxiety of the pandemic, I leveraged my extensive experience in public relations, media, marketing, and business development to launch my health and wellness brand, BeeKaur.

As the DER, I will advocate and amplify the collective issues and voices of the graduate student body. I am committed to gaining a clear understanding of the opportunities and challenges faced by the community and solidify success by building trust with allies.

I am passionate about connecting with various people and groups. I believe in fostering a strong network of contacts in the academic community and beyond. I am highly motivated and dedicated to serving the needs of the community by strengthening the Graduate Student Society’s relationship with other student organizations, corporations, politicians and affinity partners to secure sponsorship and career enhancement for graduating students and alumni.

Thank you for your support and appreciate the vote. 


Mohamad Assari

Hello, Fellow Graduate Students!

My name is Mohamad Assari, I am the current Director of External Relations(DER) and I am re-running for this position to continue advocating for graduate students’ rights in matters of more affordable housing, better funding opportunities, tuition freeze or deduction, etc.

Many graduate students including those in the professional master’s program are paying really high tuition fees. And also when it comes to renting prices, Vancouver and Burnaby are among the most expensive cities in Canada. So if re-elected, I would try my best to push for some of the ways we can alleviate these problems. Some possible solutions are: providing more affordable on-campus residences, providing subsidies to graduate students, and lowering the tuition fees for graduate students.

I am currently a full-time second-year MSc student in the school of Computing Science. I am in a thesis-based program and I have been completing all my courses. So I will have more free time in my second term which enables me to serve in this position more actively.

I really hope that you do participate in this election, and vote for whoever you think best serves your interests.

Many thanks for your time and consideration! 

DIRECTOR OF Internal RElations


Anis Zahedifard

I am an M.Sc. student at the BPK department, working on computational neuroscience with Dr. Randy McIntosh. As an international student from Iran, I am mainly seeking beyond my studies to get more social working experience in Canada. Being a student at SFU gives me various choices to play a significant role in the university student community. aving responsibilities like being the Director of Internal Relations (DIR) can prepare me for the post-graduation job by teaching me how to be exact in my duty. Besides, it gives me many opportunities to network and get in touch with people from different backgrounds in different roles. Learning to manage a project and gaining problem-solving and organization skills are significant in any post-graduate job. I will be so glad to have these valuable experiences before graduation. Entering the Graduate Student Society (GSS) as the DIR, who handles the relationship between directors within the GSS, would be an excellent opportunity for me to help graduate students by focusing more and more in-depth on graduate students’ problems.

I’m looking forward to participating in the GSS to learn and contribute the most to our community of graduate students. You can find more details about me on my LinkedIn or my Twitter.


Saif Khan

I am currently a Full-Time MBA student at Beedie school of business. My previous experience as a student leader and volunteer during my UGs has equipped me with the skills necessary to effectively manage internal governing structures and support fellow Councillors. In my previous roles, I have demonstrated my ability to develop and implement strategic plans, facilitate communication between team members, and promote a positive and inclusive working environment.

In my capacity as Director of Internal Relations, I would prioritize building a dynamic and accountable Caucus network. I believe that fostering strong relationships between Councillors and the broader graduate community is essential to the success of the Graduate Student Society. By working closely with Caucus members, I would strive to create a collaborative and inclusive environment where everyone feels supported and heard. I would prioritize keeping Councillors and the broader graduate community informed and engaged, ensuring that everyone has a clear understanding of the Society’s initiatives and goals. I have a goal of reaching out to those graduate students who may not be aware of the benefits that the Graduate Student Society (GSS) provides.

I am confident in my ability to foster a strong and dynamic graduate community, promote effective communication and transparency, and ensure that the Society’s internal governance structures serve the needs of all members. I believe my leadership experience and passion for community building make me an ideal fit for this role.


Sampada Kapur

Sampada Kapur is a full-time graduate student enrolled in the Master of Science in Finance at the Beedie School of Business at Segal Graduate School. She is an international student hailing from New Delhi, India. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Bachelor of Science in Statistics.

So far in her SFU experience, she is not only the Class representative at the SFU Graduate Business Society Association but also the Student Ambassador of the Beedie School of Business. In undergraduate studies, she has over 3 years of experience directly working with the Finance Department. She has experience in managing various financial operations on an annual basis. She has also gained hands-on experience in the financial sector through internships and summer jobs. As an entrepreneur, she co-founded SpeaCan growing its reach from 25 students to over 35,000 students within 12 months. She had also initiated the United Nations Chapter of Girl Up in her college, where she grew awareness among over 4000 students in women empowerment. Lastly, amongst many awards, she was granted the “Student of the Year” award for excellence in overall performance in Academics, co-curricular, and various volunteer activities.

Leveraging her experience, Sampada is running for the GSS position of Director of Finance. She believes that she will be able to add value to the position and help deliver the responsibilities to the best of her abilities.


Harpriya Bedi

Dear Graduate Student Society,

I am Harpriya Bedi student of MSc. Finance. I came to Canada to pursue my graduation. I am writing to show my sincere and genuine interest for the position of Director of Finance. Currently, I am serving the position of Interim Director Of Finance. After the previous elected director stood down from the position , I voluntarily took the position. With the training sessions and also being well versed with the jobs and responsibility this position demands, I feel that I am worthy of this position.

During under graduation, I was College Ambassador, representing 650 students across different courses and departments. Also I was a member of Enactus Committee which is a non-profit organisation, using the positive power of business, innovation, and entrepreneurial action to improve livelihoods while addressing prevalent issues through diverse and fresh perspectives. I was honoured as Accountancy topper back in 2018. Back in India, I was part of Zomato Feeding India, one of the most influential NGO as a volunteer for fund raising and food collecting. All these experiences helped me learn the art of leadership and enhance my communication skillset. I am really looking forward to Director of Finance position in order to implement my learnings learnt during previous years.

Through this position, I will get a chance to represent the SFU student fraternity and hence put forth their concerns if any. With efficient budgeting and fund allocation I will arrange for networking and social events for the SFU society With the balance of quantitative and qualitative qualities I feel that I should be given a chance to extend my position from that of Interim Director to that till the end of the year.

Lastly, this position helped in learn a lot skills such as those of time management, critical thinking and I would like to continue my learning journey by being nominated as a Director of Finance.

Yours sincerely,
Harpriya Bedi