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Candidate Profile

Candidate Profiles

Below are the bios of all of the candidates standing for the GSS Executive elections.

Director of Graduate Services
Emmanuel Naidoo

With a wealth of experience in the Telco industry, holding various positions that included Vendor, Project, and Operations Management. Having a strategic perspective and being able to manage scarce resources to ensure maximum benefits to all stakeholders. Leading a team while building and developing them to reach their full potential. Creatively and innovatively finding solutions to organisational challenges. Being a Customer Liaison and ensuring company the brand is distinguished. Advocating for social justice and equality in all interactions. Being a Team player, ensuring expectations and standards are adhered. Reporting and providing feedback to key stakeholders. Populated, managed, and adhered to strict budgetary controls.
Currently a Full-Time MBA student acquiring key skills to be equipped to meet the challengers of the tech world in Canada. Eager to support the GSS in the Director of Graduate Services role to ensure benefits are managed efficiently and effectively to support our Graduates.

Director of External Relations
Pankaj Bagga

As a graduate student, you need to adjust your lifestyle and need immense determination and dedication. I would like to improve your graduate student experience and wish to become the voice of graduate students at the SFU campus to refine the level of studies, fee hike issues, student engagement, & international student challenges. I would like to represent myself on behalf of all graduate students to the SFU Administration, Student Societies, Government agencies and will actively lobby both internal and external to advocate for student welfare.

You might be Curious, Why Vote for Pankaj in this role? I am Pankaj Bagga, a Research Engineer who accidentally started his journey as an entrepreneur and co-founded ventures like ‘UK Robotix Inc’ & ‘iSmart Campus’ in India, Canada and UK. With a background in Electronics and Communication and a specialization in Robotics and Computer Vision, I have taken a step ahead in my education with starting MOT MBA at Beedie School of Business.

Being an entrepreneur and having completed more than 400 Research Projects with both the government and the private sector, building relations has been an integral part of my skill set. My passion for innovation gave me an opportunity to work as the Technology lead in an ambitious project in India to build a centre for International Trade. Running my own companies has caused me to negotiate, organize and lead teams at the internal level and liaise and influence the public sector at the external level.

Inventive at heart, experienced with developing proposals for the public sector and my persuasive briefs make me an ideal candidate for the position of Director of External Relations. Given an opportunity, I will back for current and future GSS projects that will enhance and upgrade our lives as graduate students with keeping in mind the best interest of everybody.
“Not a Mile, just a Message Away”

Director of External Relations
Ruben C Munoz

My name is Ruben, and I am an international graduate student with critical and reflective skills framed by a deep social commitment. I am passionate about taking part in the construction of a better humankind while injustice and uselessness substantially upsets me. I live by my word, my family, and the world I live in. I hold a bachelor’s degree in Economics, now I am pursuing an MBA and a PhD in Economics does not look distant; I aim for my learning process to never stop because I believe that there is always something to learn and actions to take.

At my previous workplace, I led negotiations with internal and external agents. I reached agreements regarding raw material and transportation suppliers. I took part in discussions with consultants, government agencies and auditing houses. Therefore, I always feel encouraged and open to having difficult conversations with external agencies.

If elected, I will advocate for current and future GSS projects that improve our quality of life by firmly acting and discussing the issues that affect individuals and groups of our graduate community. I will look after the interests of the students and of our society so that we can thrive and focus on our studies.

I understand the sacrifices that we as students have to do, and the difficulties we face every day. Having our best interests at heart and caring for our society makes me your candidate for the position of External Relations Director.

Director of Internal Relations
Abbas Nakhlband

My Name is Abbas Nakhlband. I am a Physics master’s student. I am running for the Director of Internal Relations position at GSS. Considering my previous experience at TSSU’s campaign for unionization of the research assistants and many other executive team experiences, I am determined to contribute to GSS.

My role at TSSU’s RA campaign was to create the physics department team and maintain the connection between the team and the organizers of the campaign. During the three months before the start of the campaign, we connected with almost all the physics RAs, even those who rarely show up at social events. As the result of this collaboration, we created a team that had more than 80 percent of the physics research assistants sign off the unionization cards by the first few days of the beginning of the campaign.

Have you ever felt too overwhelmed by work to open a GSS e-mail and that caused you to miss some deadline or some events you would like to join? As a former professional videographer and photographer, I will commit to making reading GSS emails less energy-consuming for the students and councilors. Visual communication is getting more and more dominant throughout the world.

Director of Internal Relations
Janelle Simon

Hi Everyone, my name is Janelle Simon and I’m in the full-time MBA program. I am nominating myself for the Director of Internal Relations position.

My three winning qualities are my strong and tactful communication skills, charming personality and my strong desire to foster collaboration and productivity. These traits will ensure that your Councillors are able to fully engage in their roles as Directors of the Society and devote their time to attending to your needs.

I am from Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean, and my hobbies include yoga, various types of fitness, dance and personal development. I will also admit to binging on Netflix when I have the time……. I am human after all. lol

Though it’s difficult to tell from a photo and a promissory write up, I really am a grounded individual who is well suited to the role. I’ve had extensive global teamwork experience, with multi-disciplinary and multi-cultural teams, and I am excellent at listening and providing support and an empathetic ear.

I’d like to invite you to get to know a bit more about me on Linkedin and I hope that you will choose to support me in the election.