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Councillor Resources

Are you a councillor for your caucus?
The following resources will aid you in this role.


GSS Councillor Training 

Here is the link to the training slides with all you need to know about GSS and the Graduate Council.

British Columbia Legislation
Although Councillors must always ensure they are following all applicable legislation, two B.C. laws are of particular importance in guiding their actions: The Societies Act and section 27.1 of the University Act

GSS By-Laws and Other Internal Governing Documents
Councillors should familiarize themselves with GSS’s By-Laws. They should also be aware of the society’s other internal governing documents, listed here.

Student Society Designation Regulation (officially recognizing the GSS at SFU in 2008)

Robert’s Rules of Order
GSS Robert’s Rules Collection of Resources
Useful Guide from University of Alberta

Council Agenda and Minutes
Past and upcoming Council agenda and minutes may be found here.

Councillor Stipend Form
In order to receive your stipend for attending meetings, you will need to fill out this form.