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Join a Subcommittee

Although GSS subcommittees are created by and report to our standing committees, individual graduate students may propose their creation to focus on areas of specific importance to our members. They can meet once a month or more, usually for less than two hours. Meeting dates are set based on membersโ€™ availability. Occasionally, subcommittee work may occur over email, and it is expected that members will take the time to engage with their colleagues in this fashion.

Research Assistant Working Group

The RAWG is open to any graduate student at SFU, regardless of whether they have a research assistant contract. For more information or to get involved, please contact Reese Muntean, Director of Academic Relations, at

Other Working Group

Want to form and/or lead a working group for a one-time project or a special issue not addressed elsewhere?

(Examples: obtaining more graduate space on campus) The GSS can help put students who are passionate about a particular issue in contact with one another to form an enthusiastic working group and can further provide meeting space, an email address or listserv, and other support.