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GSS Biweekly Newsletter April 23, 2021


Hi Grads,

Welcome to the end of the Spring term!! You all deserve a well-rested break.  Please enjoy the beautiful outdoors and the precious time with your family safely. Here are a few updates for the week:

*See a summary of our most recent Council meeting here!


Contract Worker Justice is a coalition of faculty, students, workers and community members here at SFU. Their campaign asks that the employment of contracted food service and cleaning workers who provide vital services to SFU’s three campuses be brought back in-house. The outsourcing practice results in a low wage, precarious and insecure workforce and excludes the workers from accessing services available to other SFU workers on campus. Cleaners and food service workers on campus are primarily women, people of colour, and immigrants.

They need to reach 1000 signatures by Thursday, April 29 and SFU grad students will play a critical role in reaching this goal! To read the letter and sign the petition, click HERE Any question, please email


Survey for New International Students – closes April 30!

Are you an international student who started your graduate program during the pandemic, or have had to postpone your start date? Is the start date of your graduate program Summer 2020 or later? If so, please fill out this survey HERE so GSS can better understand your experiences of the start of their graduate studies and ongoing issues due to COVID-19.

Please respond by April 30. Qualified participants will be entered into a draw for a $25 gift card.

Are you enrolled for the Summer 2021 semester? If you are, were you charged the part-time Graduate Student Activity Fee in the Fall 2020 semester? Or are you an international student who has not yet entered Canada and does not yet have a Canadian bank account? If you can answer yes to either question, please fill out the form HERE before May 12, 2021 (at 9:30am) to determine if you qualify for the part-time fee.


ReGathering: SFU Grad Community

ReGathering: SFU Grad Community is an initiative supported by Social seed funding (Embark & Radius) organizing weekly friendly Gatherings on topics that are useful for graduate students, especially international students, to promote social connectedness and networking.

Upcoming Gatherings:

Career Series, May 1st to 10 May 1st, 6 PM

If you are interested in joining these Gatherings, down the ReGathering App and RSVP or email

To learn more, check out the ReGathering: SFU Grad Community website and watch the video!  Join our Telegram channel and Instagram page to hear about our future Gatherings.

Research Study on Perceived Publication Pressure in Canada: a team at McMaster University is investigating the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on perceived publication pressure experienced by academics in Canada. Interested participants can fill out a 5-minute anonymous online survey which can be found here. Participants have the option of entering a draw for one of ten $25 gift certificates after the survey.

PhD students Opportunity: PhD students taking part in socially engaged applied doctoral research are invited to submit their papers to the RRU Doctoral Research Conference. Deadline is May 25, 2021. More information here.


Lastly, I want to thank you for all of your support for GSS in the Spring term! Enjoy the break and I will see you in the summer semester:)


Cheers, Gloria

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