GSS Council 2017

GSS Council meets once per month, typically on the SFU Burnaby Campus, however, as per a decision of Council, meetings are also held at SFU Vancouver and SFU Surrey, at least once per year.

Below you will find the agendas and approved minutes for each meeting, organized by month.

Please note that minutes are only posted once they are approved by Council.

If you cannot find what you are looking for, please contact us.


December Council Minutes – pending
December Council Package – pending

November Council Minutes – pending
November Council Package – pending

October Council Minutes – pending
October 2017 Council Package – pending

September 2017 Council Minutes  – pending approval at October Council meeting
September 2017 Council Package

August 2017 Emergency Council Minutes
August 2017 Emergency Council Package

July 2017 Council Minutes
July 2017 Council Package

June 2017 Council Minutes
June 2017 Council Package

May 2017 Council Notes – informal, quorum not achieved
May 2017 Council Package

April 2017 Council Notes – informal, quorum not achieved
April 2017 Council Package

March 2017 Council Minutes
March 2017 Council Package

February 2017 Council Minutes
February 2017 Council Package

January 2017 Council Minutes
January 2017 Council Package