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GSS Work-Search Webinar Series


The GSS work-search webinar series was designed to provide graduate students with first hand job searching advice from GSS current students and alumni. Each webinar consists of a 2 * 20~40-minute presentation via Zoom, followed by a 30-minute Q&A. For each session, two presenters will be sharing their experience and knowledge on the same topic. The series is meant to be interactive and participants are able to ask questions in a friendly, non-intimidating setting.


Webinar #1: Job Search Skills during COVID-19

Zoom recording link

Time: 6:30pm on August 5

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Presenter 1: Michael Ford
Program: Educational Psychology

Bio: Michael Ford is a graduate student in Educational Psychology and a Senior Career Peer with SFU Career and Volunteer Services. Before returning to school as a mature student two years ago in the Post-Baccalaureate program in Counselling and Human Development, Michael assembled a long and diverse career in communications, business and the arts.

Related to the webinar topic, Michael recently published a popular post on the SFU Engaged blog entitled Roots and Wings: How Soft Skills Keep you Relevant Throughout your Career. Through his own experience changing careers multiple times, his education and training, and his experience as a Senior Career Peer, Michael brings a unique perspective on the uncertainty of searching for a job and developing a career in times of uncertainty.

Presenter 2: Pedram Agand
Program: Computer Science

Bio: Pedram Agand is an PhD student in the School of Computing Science at Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, BC, Canada. He received his both MSc and BSc degree in Control Engineering from K. N. Toosi University of technology in 2017, 2014 respectively. His main research interests include machine learning, probabilistic approaches, Robotics, control theory. Agand has participated in various fun activities in SFU including volunteer activity in recreational promote group and participating in P2L 1 to shape leadership skills. He believes no one should limit him/herself in a confine set, however, they should explore different roadmaps in life and seek for potential opportunities.



Webinar #2: Job Search — it’s all about networking!

Time: 6:30pm on August 17

Zoom Recording Link

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Presenter 1: Matthew Chan
Program: 2019 Full-Time MBA
Bio: Matthew earned his BCom at UBC in 2017 and is currently completing his Full-Time MBA at SFU. He has over four years of experience in the intersection of business and technology  within the supply chain industry, most recently at Canada’s flagship container terminal. He is also currently a graduate business research assistant at SFU Beedie’s Business Strategy department.  Having a passion for public speaking, he has been involved in Toastmasters International for the past four years and serves as the VP Membership for SFU’s Segal Toastmasters Chapter. A strong believer in the power of mentorship, Matthew has also served as a life coach for over fourteen individuals guiding them through the transition between post secondary and full-time work. With his double degrees in business and work experience, Matthew has amassed a number of useful tips and tricks to network effectively and efficiently. He is excited to share and connect  with SFU’s graduate community!
Presenter 2: Srishti

Program: School of Engineering Science

Bio: Srishti is currently a graduate research assistant at Networked Robotics and Sensing Laboratory under the supervision of Prof. Shahram Payandeh at Simon Fraser University, Canada. Her work revolves around intersection of computer vision and machine learning where she address the problem of unsupervised tracking using RGB and depth images using depth image sensors.

She is also currently doing an internship at UrtheCast where she is responsible for developing computationally intensive image processing algorithms for large scale satellite data within a cloud-based infrastructure using deep learning.

She is also an active member of developer community groups of Vancouver where she runs Women in Machine Learning and Data Science meetup, Google Developers Group and Vancouver OpenCV meetup. As a strong proponent of tech and diversity, her involvement goes beyond local community work. She was recently one of the chairs of Women in Computer Vision workshop co-hosted with CVPR, 2020 and was on the committe of the Women in Machine Learning workshop, 2019.