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Abbas Nakhlband

My Name is Abbas Nakhlband. I am a Physics master’s student. I am running for the Director of Internal Relations position at GSS. Considering my previous experience at TSSU’s campaign for unionization of the research assistants and many other executive team experiences, I am determined to contribute to GSS.

My role at TSSU’s RA campaign was to create the physics department team and maintain the connection between the team and the organizers of the campaign. During the three months before the start of the campaign, we connected with almost all the physics RAs, even those who rarely show up at social events. As the result of this collaboration, we created a team that had more than 80 percent of the physics research assistants sign off the unionization cards by the first few days of the beginning of the campaign.

Have you ever felt too overwhelmed by work to open a GSS e-mail and that caused you to miss some deadline or some events you would like to join? As a former professional videographer and photographer, I will commit to making reading GSS emails less energy-consuming for the students and councilors. Visual communication is getting more and more dominant throughout the world.