Re-Affirming a Vision for Regional Transportation

145 - transit loop

Voters in the transportation plebiscite rejected a proposed 0.5% sales tax increase to fund the Mayor’s Vision,

Following the results, the Graduate Student Society signed this statement of affirmation below, as circulated by Moving in a Livable Region.

To get involved with our ongoing work to maintain and improve transit service to and from SFU campuses, email our Director of External Relations.


We believe in this region.

We reaffirm the vision that has informed and shaped it for half a century: “Cities in a Sea of Green” – a compact region, surrounded by nature, made up of complete communities, joined together by a transportation system that serves, shapes and supports a sustainable economy.

We reaffirm the Mayors’ Vision for the growth of our regional transportation system.

We reaffirm the need for a sustainable form of funding for this vision.

We do not believe a No vote should be interpreted as a rejection of this vision, but instead we see it as a call for greater accountability and transparency in the governance of our transportation system.

We believe that a unifying vision and strategy are essential. A piecemeal, fragmented, ad hoc alternative to our regional transportation vision is not acceptable. It would not be affordable, and it would fail to offer our citizens the choices they need to support the region we want to build.

We believe we must and will find a way to get to Yes for the Mayors’ Vision as an essential element of the approved Regional Growth Strategy that has made our region one of the most liveable on earth.

Please join us in affirming this positive vision for our region’s and our children’s future.