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Maggie Benston Centre, #2203, 8888 University Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6
QUEST Food Exchange

QUEST Food Exchange

Do you need help affording groceries? We can help! Quest is BC’s largest not-for-profit food exchange program. The GSS has partnered with Quest Food Exchange in order to help support people facing financial hardship to access affordable, healthy food.

The GSS will pass your information to Quest, and within a few days you will be able to access their not-for-profit grocery markets, which stock an array of food and household items at significantly reduced costs (50 – 70% less than most retailers). The markets are located on 6th Street (Burnaby), 104 Avenue (Surrey), 1st Street East (North Vancouver), Dundas Street (East Vancouver), and East Hastings (Downtown Eastside). All locations are wheelchair and scooter accessible.

You only need one referral to receive your Quest card at one of the Quest market locations. You’re welcome to apply again if you’re experiencing issues with your Quest card.

Please be aware that this program provides rescued and donated food from grocery stores, and that supply may vary. Some of the food may be past its BB (best before) date, but still healthy to consume.

For more information click here, or apply here.

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