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The U-Pass provides students with unlimited access to Translink’s Bus (including Community Shuttles and West Vancouver Blue Buses), Skytrain, and SeaBus services in all transit zones.  The U-Pass program is a joint initiative by the GSS, the SFSS, Simon Fraser University, and Translink. Complete information about the U-Pass program including eligibility, exemption, and appeals information is available here.

If you have questions or concerns about the U-Pass which are not addressed on the linked site, please contact our Director of Graduate Services via email.

April 2021 U-Pass Update

TransLink’s U-Pass BC website is now available for eligible students needing to link their Compass card and/or load their U-Pass BC.

February 2021 U-Pass Update

If you’re an eligible student who received a U-Pass BC in January, you will be automatically provided with your U-Pass BC for February onto the same Compass card. No further action is required.

 If you’re an eligible student and did not receive your U-Pass BC by January 31st, please contact Compass Customer Service at 604-398-2042 or email at

 For validation purposes, you will need to provide your full Compass Card, Student ID and the name of the school you attend.

U-Pass BC – Spring 2021

At the December 2020 Council meeting, the Graduate Council of the GSS voted to reduce the U-Pass eligibility to students taking in-person courses or doing in-person research. In order to get a U-Pass for the Spring semester:

  • You need to be enrolled in a class with an in-person component (see the list here); OR
  • You need to enroll in the in-person section of your thesis course (G100). The G200 section is considered remote and will not receive a U-Pass. Note that you must be on a Safe Work Plan to be considered as doing in-person research.

Students who do NOT need the U-Pass for academic purposes for the Spring term must enroll in the G200 section of their thesis course. U-Pass eligibility is being finalized so that in-person students receive their U-Pass. In the meantime, everyone who used their U-Pass in the month of December was also given a U-Pass for January.

Due to the recent ransom attack at Translink, the U-Pass website is currently down, and students cannot request their pass online. Eligible students who are unable to activate their January U-Pass will need to call TransLink. If you have any concerns, contact our Director of Graduate Services.

If you have any questions or problems setting up your U-Pass BC, please contact the SFU U-Pass BC office at or 778.782.6930.

More information on the U-Pass program is available:
On the referendum: Council June 20 2011 – Appendix A – Election Committee Report (U-Pass Referendum)