Making Holiday Goodies



Discover how to make delicious sourdough goodies for the holidays with Michelle Aslan
Sourdough is much healthier than normal baking as the carbohydrates are predigested, the nutrients are more bio-available, there is higher hydration, and it regulates blood glucose levels.

In this workshop you will discover how to make:
· sourdough cookies
· delicious holiday pie
· and a yummy holiday sourdough bread

Please bring a container with you as you will be taking some sourdough home with you.
If you would like a sourdough starter culture, please bring a small glass jar with a lid.

When: December 8th,
Where: Graduate Student Lounge, MBC, Burnaby SFU
Time: 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm
Cost: Free for all Graduate Students at SFU

Please register for the course at Space is limited so book now.