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Maggie Benston Centre, #2203, 8888 University Dr, Burnaby, BC V5A 1S6

The results of the annual SFSS election are out!


See the results here.

The GSS would like to congratulate the successful candidates and thank all those who took the
time and energy to get involved. Win or lose, advocating for students and putting forth new ideas
is difficult work and deserving of recognition. SFU works better when those leaders step up and
talk about how to improve campus and academic life.

While we represent different groups of students at SFU, our organizations have much in common
and working together has always been the key to making student voices heard. This past year has
seen extremely successful cooperation between the GSS and SFSS, from well-attended events
like the 2019 federal election debate and get out the vote efforts to strong advocacy on topics like
affordability and student rights at the university and government levels. We hope that the coming
year will see a continuation of that fruitful cooperation on issues of mutual concern and allow us
to build on our past accomplishments.

We look forward to meeting the incoming SFSS Board of Directors and discussing where we can
combine our efforts for the benefit of the entire student community.

On behalf of the GSS Executive Committee,

Matt McDonald
Director of External Relations