Elections – Fall 2017

And the winners are:

The results of the Fall 2017 GSS elections are as follows:
Director of Finance
Heather Baroody= 162
Diana Leung= 140
None of the above = 17
Abstain (I do not wish to vote) = 112
Winner: Heather Baroody
Director of Graduate Services
Supratim Chakraborty = 29
Anoininting Momoh= 167
Tatayana Mozgacheva = 112
None of the above = 24
Abstain (I do not wish to vote) = 99
Winner: Anointing Momoh
Director of University Relations
Chantal Turpin= 273
None of the above = 50
Abstain (I do not wish to vote) = 108
Winner: Chantal Turpin
Membership Fee Equalization Referendum
YES= 191
NO= 198
Abstain = 42
Winner: Question not approved by membership
The draft 2017 Fall Election Report (awaiting approval by Council) is available here.

Campaigning for the Graduate Student Society (GSS) Director elections is now open! The GSS would also like to take this opportunity to have a referendum on our membership fees. Please see more details below.

Nominations are now closed; the confirmed Director nominations are:

Director of Finance: Director of Graduate Services: Director of University Relations:
Diana Leung (Graduate Liberal Studies)
Heather Baroody (Chemistry)
Anointing Momoh (Public Policy)
Supratim Chakraborty (SIAT)
Tatyana Mozgacheva (CMPT)
Chantal Turpin (Criminology)
The Director of Finance oversees the creation of the Society’s budget, the annual audit, the everyday financial transactions between the Society and its Caucuses and members, as well as long-term and strategic financial planning for the Society’s finances and investments. The Director of Finance also chairs the Finance and Audit Committee.
New Terms of Reference (TOR) for the position are currently underway.  The old TOR is available here.
The Director of Graduate Services (DGS) oversees two major services used by nearly all graduate students: the Benefit Plan and the U-Pass. The DGS works with the Benefit Plan Committee to address the needs of graduate students and represents SFU graduate students at meetings with Translink, the Ministry of Transportation and other U-Pass partners.

New Terms of Reference (TOR) for the position are currently underway.  The old TOR is available here.

The Director of University Relations acts as the central liaison to the SFU community, including University administration, the SFSS, dedicated fee groups and allied groups or committees. Spearheads advocacy campaigns that are primarily contained within the SFU community and support graduate student representatives on University committees.

New Terms of Reference (TOR) for the position are currently underway.  The old TOR is available here.


Director of Finance:

Diana Leung


I am a second year Graduate Liberal Studies (GLS) graduate student. GLS is an interdisciplinary program focused on integrating knowledge from social science, arts, science and other areas.

The reason I want to run for the Director of Finance position is to participate and explore more fully graduate student life, and more importantly to share my skills and knowledge gained from my past working experience in advancing the well beings of my fellow graduate students.

I am a Chartered Professional Accountant, CPA, CGA, have worked in oil industry and public practice in responsible director of finance/IT positions for over twenty years. I have excellent understanding and practical experience in the process, procedures, operations, governance and internal control of organisations. Contribute to advance GSS’s finance and governance to be even better is my goal.

I was involved in professional associations in the past twenty years acting as directors or volunteers as well as participated in community activities. Currently, I am a director and treasurer of Garden City Conservation Society – a non-profit on ecological protection, member of a vocal environmental group, and volunteer board member at the Vancouver Chapter of ISACA – Information Systems Audit and Control Association. I hold a Bachelor of Technology degree in Computer Systems and an MBA.

In my spare time, I enjoy cooking, walking, yoga, movies, music, operas, seminars, talks, and everything interesting. I plan to experiment farming in the future.

Heather Baroody

Hello! My name is Heather Baroody and I am your current Director of Finance at the GSS. The last year has been a wild ride untangling and making sense of the GSS finances of the past several years. I have made significant progress in making cheque requisition process more efficient, providing a more honest and transparent budget, reducing the budget deficit, and making sense of and clearly documenting our investment funds. I am rerunning for the director of finance to ensure stability for the next year during a time that will inevitably see nearly half our staff turnover. During this time it is imperative the finances stay transparent and unwavering.

Plus, I have great plans for the upcoming year! These include further decreasing our deficit to closer reach a balanced budget, assisting in the audit, continuing to ensure financial transparency, and looking closer into our investment account to understand where we can grow more. I thank you for your vote last year and hope for your support again in the polls. Please don’t hesitate to come to me with any questions or concerns. Happy voting!

Director of Graduate Services:

Anointing Momoh 

In the past few months since beginning the Masters of Public Policy (MPP) program at SFU, I have met and made friends with several fine young intellectuals; well seasoned, passionate, ambitious, engaging and inspiring. My decision to seek election to be Director of Graduate Services in the Graduate Students Society is motivated by a desire to serve, and represent the interests of this group of diverse, hardworking and enthusiastic individuals.

As a graduate student representative, my role would oversee the different services available to graduate students. It is a unique platform to engage in community service, deploying my knowledge of public policy and  ongoing training in social policy design to the student body’s utmost benefit and purposes.
I recognize the responsibility which this position demands in pursuit of initiatives and issues that are important to SFU’s graduate students, and offer to provide superior service. I appreciate that there is a learning curve to understanding and accommodating the broad needs and interests of the SFU graduate student community and look forward to work along side other members of the executive council to offer to constantly work for the interests of all graduate students wherever it is required. I hope to ensure timely resolution of graduate student concerns and sustain a culture of continuous consultation with graduate students to foster creative and innovative solutions to the needs of all.

Yours truly,
Anointing Ogie Momoh
Masters of Public Policy Candidate

Supratim Chakraborty

I am Supratim Chakraborty, a graduate research student at SIAT. I signed up to represent in GSS because I believe graduate students are the pillars of any academic institution. Hence, the services provided to us and the benefits that we enjoy  will largely shape an institution’s academic and professional success. I intend to work on closing any gaps that we as a caucas face and amplify our collective opinions in the times of need.
Tatyana Mozgacheva

Hello! My name is Tatyana Mozgacheva and I am a second year student studying a Master of Computing Science. I am running for the position of a Director of Graduate Services. I want to play an active role in the ongoing improvement of our University and its many facets. I strongly believe that I am the right person for the job! Throughout my bachelor years I was part of the Student Representative Council and was involved in all the university functions and events in my backcountry, Kazakhstan. Currently, at SFU, I am part of the Women in Computing Science society, where I organize and conduct technical workshops and outreach programs for high school girls.

Health is one of the most important things in our life. During this year I have been using the Benefit Plan a lot and compare with Benefit Plan of the UBC, we have things that we can work on. In addition to this, I noticed that a lot of grad students don’t know full range services that can be provided by existing Benefit plan.  If elected I would make it my goal to improve and promote the Benefit plan among students. I would appreciate your vote for me, Tatyana Mozgacheva, to serve on the GSS.

Director of University Relations:

Chantal Turpin 

I’m a fourth-year PhD candidate in Criminology, researching online sexual
harassment, seeking my second term as the Director of University Relations at the GSS. I joined the GSS as my departmental council member in fall 2015 and subsequently got involved with several GSS working groups before being elected the Director of University Relations last January. If given the opportunity to continue serving as your Director of University Relations I will remain committed to advocating on behalf of graduate students, with SFU, on the issues that are most important to you. Of particular focus, in my second term will be advocating for better mental health services for graduate students, advocating for more affordable on campus family housing for graduate students, and advocating for improvements to RA policies and working conditions at SFU. If re-elected, I promise to continue engaging with fellow graduate students about their concerns and would be honoured to be given the opportunity to continue to serve as your representative on these and other important issues.

Open Nominations: Monday October 16, 7 am
Candidate Information Session #1: Thursday, October 19, 12-1 pm

Candidate Information Session #2: Monday, October 30, 1-2 pm

Close Nominations: Sunday, November 5, 11:59 pm
Candidate Write-ups Due: Tuesday, November 7, noon
Candidate Q & A Session: Tuesday, November 7, 1-2 pm
Open Campaigning: Thursday, November 9, 11 am
Meet-and-Greet: Thursday, November 23, 12/noon-2 pm [NEW TIME!]
Close Campaigning: Friday, November 24, 4 pm
Open Polling: Monday, November 27, 7 am
Close Polling: Monday, December 4, noon
Announcement of Results: Tuesday, December 5, 5 pm


These stipended positions are a great opportunity to develop leadership skills and to pursue initiatives and issues that are important to SFU’s graduate student body. Directors sit on the Executive Committee of the GSS, and in the past, have worked on projects such as: U-Pass negotiations, affordable housing advocacy, orientation, Graduate Provincial Scholarship advocacy, and exploring sponsorship opportunities.

This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more about the Co-Curricular Record.

Features of these positions:
Open to all current SFU graduate students, including international students
Stipend is $4600/semester
Work an average of 50 hours per month
Sit on Executive Committee and Council
Meet with SFU administrators, such as the AVP Students, VP Finance, and the President
Term: January 1, 2018 until January 15, 2019



For more information on the fee referendum, please refer to pages 6 – 8 of the October GSS Council Minutes.

Whereas the British Columbia University Act requires that if a student society changes its fees, the new amount or rate of change must be approved by a majority of the society’s members who vote in a referendum; and
Whereas a majority of Councillors present at the October 10, 2017 meeting of the full Council approved the wording of a referendum question to create a single, unified GSS membership fee:
“Do you agree that as of the fall 2018 semester the Society will unify the general membership fee so that both part-time and full-time students are paying the same amount of $51.65 per graduate student, per semester, which is an increase for part-time students from $25.83 to $51.65 and no change for full-time students, to be increased annually at the rate of inflation as measured by Statistics Canada Consumer Price Index and applied every year in the fall semester? Please note that this represents a price freeze for one year.”
For more information on the fee referendum, please refer to October GSS Council Minutes (pages 6-8).
NOMINATIONS FOR REFERENDUM SIDES ARE NOW CLOSED. The Referenda Campaign Nomination Form is available here (for reference only).


Elections and referenda, collectively known as electoral undertakings, are governed by the documents below.

Constitution and By-Laws
R1010 Electoral Undertaking Regulation


Electoral Committee is the GSS committee designated by the By-Laws and Council to run elections and referenda and to address any concerns or complaints raised by graduate students about these proceedings.

If you have any questions or concerns about the elections or referendum, please contact CEO@sfugradsociety.ca or EC@sfugradsociety.ca.