Elections – Spring 2017


Open Nominations: Wednesday February 15, 9 am
Nomination Information Sessions: Tuesday February 21, noon
Close Nominations: Monday March 6, noon Extended! Wednesday, March 8, noon
Campaigning Information Sessions: Thursday March 9, 2017, 930-1030
Open Campaigning: Thursday March 9, 11 am
Meet-and-Greet: Tuesday, March 21, 2-4pm
Close Campaigning: Monday, March 27, noon
Open Polling: Tuesday, March 28, 7am
Close Polling: Friday, March 31, noon
Announcement of Results: Friday March 31, 4pm


All directors work ~ 50 hours/month and shall receive a stipend of $1150 per month. The following positions will hold terms from May 1, 2017 to May 15, 2018.


Please note that the GSS does not verify the candidates’ statements.


View the Terms of Reference for this position here.

Melissa McGregor

Hello! I hope you’ll consider letting me serve you for a second term as GSS Director of External Relations. If elected, I plan to build on the work I began in my first term: housing advocacy, securing resources and funding for graduate programming, and building links between students, administration, government and community will continue to be my priorities in the 2017-18 term.

Since last spring, I have worked with a number of student groups to educate communities and decision makers about the role that universities can play in alleviating the province’s housing crisis. This included lobbying the provincial government, partnering with the Alliance of BC Students on their “Where’s the Housing?” campaign, and hosting a Housing Forum on SFU’s Burnaby campus, where developers, academics and activists came together to discuss sustainable housing. I’ve also upheld the Society’s opposition to the Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion in several arenas, attending at a number of town halls and presenting at the Ministerial hearings that took place in the summer. At present, I’m leading a team of students from UBC, UVIC, Kwantlen, Capilano, and other institutions to put together a Candidates’ debate on issues in Advanced Education. The primary goal of this event is to ensure that “student issues” appear properly as BC issues, and feature centrally in the spring election.

Over the months, I’ve endeavored to be an engaged and accountable member of Executive Committee, to build respectful relationships with peers, staff, and external groups, and to grow the capacity of this organization.


View the Terms of Reference for this position here.

Marcus Macauley

My name is Marcus Macauley and I am running to be your next Director of Internal Relations. I am a second year Master’s student in the department of Political Science and am currently Chair of the Political Science Graduate Student Caucus. As Director of Internal Relations, I will work to build strong relationships between the GSS and all of the departmental graduate student caucuses and fight for greater GSS funding allocations for caucus events and initiatives (MORE FUNDING FOR PIZZA AND BEER!!!!!). Caucuses are an integral part of graduate student life and need to be adequately supported. Seriously, a vote for me is a vote for more PIZZA AND BEER!

Mitchell Kovacic

Currently I am in the fourth year of my PhD in Mathematics looking to finish in five years. My research is in dynamical systems and swarming models in the presence of boundaries and involves a blend of numerical investigation along with analytical methods. Besides my research I enjoy really any kind of game, dancing, and just having good conversation over a pint or two.

I have held the position of Director of Internal Relations for the past year and have seen the GSS grow and evolve thanks to all the staff and Directors. I am re-running for my position as there is still much that can be improved and I believe that my year of experience in the role will allow me to perform at a much greater capacity than when I began last year.

As for what you can expect from me in this role now, I am still interested in any opportunity to improve the engagement of the GSS with all its members. Furthermore I now see other areas of improvement more regarding the internal operations of the GSS. I will strive to improve the visibility of tools and services that are important to effective operation of Caucuses, Executive, and the general membership at large. Lastly I will continue to increase training opportunities and resources so that our membership is engaged, empowered, and able to do their part to grow and shape our Society.

Peng Junxian

I am Peng Junxian, an international graduate student from Education Department. I welcome an opportunity to contribute to the work of GSS as a director of internal affair. I am an active member of the SFU community, and I like helping and socializing with people, which is why most of my peers from Education department, and Computer Science department are willing to support me. If elected, I would bring to this position the knowledge and passion I have, and hopefully improve SFU as a cooperative, and safe learning environment for all the graduate students.

Saeid Asgari

No statement submitted.


View the Terms of Reference for this position here.

Camila Miranda

I am a Masters student in the Faculty of Education at SFU and I’m running for the position of Director of Student Life. I arrived in Canada two years ago and when I’m not working on my thesis I like to be outdoors and explore the city.
As an international student I had to learn all about the academic life in Canada and the GSS has been very helpful to me in several occasions and I would like to do the same for other students. I think it is very important for all students to feel like they belong to a community and that they have support from other students. Since I plan on applying for a PhD here, SFU will continue to be my second home for a long time and I would like to help fostering a positive and inclusive environment for graduate students.

I have always been involved in student organizations. When I was an undergraduate student I was the communications director at Social Sciences and Humanities students’ association at my university, and here at SFU I have been briefly involved with the EGSA as co-chair. I have also worked as a Research Assistant in the Faculty of  Education where, among other things, I had the opportunity to organize conferences and events.
I look forward to working with GSS and, if elected, I will do my best to enhance graduate students’ experience at SFU.


All directors work ~ 50 hours/month and shall receive a stipend of $1150 per month. The following position is available for a term of April 1, 2017 to January 15, 2018.


Please note that the GSS does not verify the candidates’ statements.


View the Terms of Reference for this position here.

Robert Howsam

I am running to serve as your Director of Graduate Services because I believe in community involvement and am uniquely qualified to contribute to this role. I’ve served as a volunteer advocate in health and social services, and on boards of directors for non-profits that deliver such services.

My goals for this position: (1) A review of the extended health and dental benefits plan to ensure that we are getting the best plan we can get at this price. What else might competitors in this market be willing to offer us? (2) Increase the funding of grants, bursaries and other programs by looking into partnerships with the private sector. How can we partner with local organizations like VanCity Credit Union, Lululemon and Spud.ca to expand the number of students who benefit from our grants and bursaries?

A little bit more about me: I am a poli-sci student, researching how trade agreements can inhibit access to medicine. I’m particularly interested in the role community groups, the pharmaceutical industry and private insurance industries play in influencing policy and law.

To learn more – or tell me what your priorities for grad services are – e-mail me at rhowsam@sfu.ca. I’d love to hear from you!

Charanjot Singh

No statement submitted.


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