Elections – Spring 2018


The Spring 2018 GSS Director Elections have concluded and the results are in!

Director of External Relations
Zhijie (Paul) Hu – confirmed
Votes in favour: 138
[None of the Above: 43 | Abstain (I do not wish to vote): 52]

Director of Internal Relations
Nancy Kwong – confirmed
Votes in favour: 178
[None of the Above: 26 | Abstain (I do not wish to vote): 29]

Director of Student Life
Dylan Flint – confirmed
Votes in favour: 165
[None of the Above: 34 | Abstain (I do not wish to vote): 34]

Director of Internal Relations: Director of External Relations: Director of Student Life:
Candidate: Nancy Kwong, CDM

As a Master of Digital Media graduate student, the skills and experience I acquired both inside and outside the academic community has provided me with a willingness to collaborate, empathetic listening skills, tenacity to engage with challenging situations, and an understanding of the value of connections between communities.

I have worked with people from varied backgrounds, skillsets and perspectives in various settings. In doing so, I have learned the value of working with people’s strengths to collaborate in a way that in benefits the task at hand and those involved in the process. I view every experience is an opportunity to learn and share.

My commitment to lifelong learning enables me to engage with, listen to and advocate for graduate students.

A key part of my interest in serving as a representative is because I see it as one of the most effective ways I can both give back to the graduate student community and pay it forward so that future grad students have improved access to the resources they need when they need them.

This candidate acknowledges the Coast Salish People on whose traditional territories we create, collaborate, and transform ourselves.

Candidate: Zhijie Hu, Finance

Hello fellow GSS members. My name is Zhijie Hu. I am from MSc Finance program. I am running to become your Director of External Relations. I am determined to improve lives of graduate students through rigorous communications and efforts. If elected, I would devote my time to issues such as U-Pass negotiation, residence improvement, and make student’s life more cost efficient. My previous working experience consisted of various project negotiations and improvements. For the last two years, I successfully helped bring in two rounds of financing for a startup company, and maintain a low cost structure for the development of two products. I wish to bring my expertise to the GSS’s upcoming projects and, make a difference for SFU’s graduate student body! Thank you for your consideration.

Candidate: Dylan Flint, Philosophy

Hello fellow GSS members. My name is Dylan Flint, and I am running to become your new Director of Student Life. My platform is a focus on mental health and building community. If elected, I will work with the proper channels to alleviate the long wait times at health and counseling when a graduate student wants to see a mental health professional. I will also work to get us more discounted group rates for fun events, like we have for the Playland season pass. I feel I am qualified for this position because I have over two years of experience in an elected position within a nonprofit organization, where I coordinated fellowship and business activities at a group level, represented my groups interests at a district level, was a part of outreach committees in the local area, and voted on motions at an area level. If elected, I will bring this experience to the GSS and, together, we can look forward to a brighter graduate life here at SFU! Thank you for your consideration.

DIR – Position description:
The  Director of Internal Relations (DIR)  is  the  student  leader primarily  responsible  for  ensuring  the internal governing  structures  of  the Society  continue  to  foster  a graduate community  and serve  the administrative  and  strategic  goals  of the  Society.  The  DIR seeks  to support Councillors  so  that  they may fully  engage  with  their  roles  as Directors  of  the  Society. In  addition, the  DIR  is  responsible  for  building a dynamic,  accountable,  and  relevant Caucus  network.

New Terms of Reference (TOR) for the position are currently underway.  The old TOR is available here.

DER – Position description:

The Director of External Relations (DER) is the student leader primarily responsible for external advocacy campaigns that target all levels of government in order to improve the lives of graduate students. The DER will develop and foster relationships with politicians, other student societies, and government agencies, and will be responsible for negotiating the U-Pass.

New Terms of Reference (TOR) for the position are currently underway.  The old TOR is available here.

DSL – Position description:

The Director of Student Life (DSL) is responsible for fostering a sense of community within the SFU graduate community through social events, social justice campaigns, support groups, workshops, and
other events. The DSL is also responsible for overseeing the website and the communication
strategy of the GSS.New Terms of Reference (TOR) for the position are currently underway.  The old TOR is available here.


Open Nominations: Feb 23 at 7am
Nomination Information Session #1: March 7 from 12:30-2pm
Nomination Information Session #2: March 15 from 12:30-2pm
Close Nominations: March 26 at 11:59pm
Mandatory Candidate Q&A Session: March 29 from 11:30-12:30pm
Open Campaigning: March 29 at 8am
Candidate Meet-and-Greet: March 29 and April 4 from 12:30-2pm
Close Campaigning: April 4 at 4pm
Open Online Polling: April 5 at 7am
Close Online Polling: April 10 at 11:59pm
Announcement of Results: by April 14


These stipended positions are a great opportunity to develop leadership skills and to pursue initiatives and issues that are important to SFU’s graduate student body. Directors sit on the Executive Committee of the GSS, and in the past, have worked on projects such as: U-Pass negotiations, affordable housing advocacy, orientation, Graduate Provincial Scholarship advocacy, and exploring sponsorship opportunities.

This opportunity is recognized on the Co-Curricular Record (CCR), an official University document that tracks students’ co-curricular involvement at SFU. Learn more about the Co-Curricular Record.

Features of these positions:
Open to all current SFU graduate students, including international students
Stipend is $4600/semester
Work an average of 50 hours per month
Sit on Executive Committee and Council
Meet with SFU administrators, such as the AVP Students, VP Finance, and the President
Term: May 1, 2018 to May 15, 2019



Elections and referenda, collectively known as electoral undertakings, are governed by the documents below.

Constitution and By-Laws
R1010 Electoral Undertaking Regulation


Electoral Committee is the GSS committee designated by the By-Laws and Council to run elections and referenda and to address any concerns or complaints raised by graduate students about these proceedings.

If you have any questions or concerns about the elections or referendum, please contact electoralchief@sfugradsociety.ca or EC@sfugradsociety.ca.